“New Year’s” Resolution

The only New Year’s resolution that I’ve ever successfully kept was to never make another New Year’s resolution.  It’s October now and I’ve decided to make a “new year’s” resolution. 

I’m taking a risk by broadcasting my intention.  Good habits, for me, are hard to establish, much less maintain long term.  But here we go.  Following the advice of Jono Bacon, I am going to:

1. Proactively carve time out on my calendar to read books, watch videos, or take courses devoted to improving my community knowledge, brand, and experience.

2. Plan each week’s agenda on the Sunday before.

3. Produce one piece of content per week.

4. Plan to create a quarterly webinars.

5. Read relevant materials twenty minutes per day outside of the scheduled calendar.

I attended a Vanilla webinar a couple of weeks ago where they featured Carrie Melissa Jones.  One of the things she said was, if you waited until you weren’t embarrassed to publish something, you’d never publish it.  (She was talking about launching a community, but this is close enough.)

I may not be ready, but here we go.